Wet 'n Wild: Happy Hour Hop

I'm working through my untried polishes slowly. Happy Hour Hop from Wet 'n Wild was a limited edition Halloween color being sold at Walgreens. I first saw Happy Hour Hop on Be Happy and Buy Polish. It's such a pretty and unique color I had to have it.

Happy Hour Hop is even a little reminiscent of Zoya Daul. Though Daul has a deeper purple base. The base in Happy Hour Hop is a more vibrant purple, and there's more gold glass fleck throughout. This is two coats, plus Seche Vite topcoat. I love the wide brush on the Megalast polishes too. It's easy to work with.

I also tried it out with NYC Matte Me Crazy Topcoat
(Best matte topcoat I've used!)

As it turns out, 'Happy Hour Hop' is not as limited edition as you might think, *wink*. Wet 'n Wild released this same color in the past under the name 'Amethyst Rock'. And Spoiled which is a CVS exclusive brand, and owned by Wet 'n Wild has this exact shade in their permanent line under the name 'Are Mermaids Real?'. Being aware of that might help you track down this color better if you're looking to buy it.

I do apologize in advance if things have been a bit quiet around here. My husband and I came down with a head cold, that's been lingering for the past two weeks. We even had to postpone our Thanksgiving dinner, until maybe this coming week. I've got a whole folder of pretty nail polish photos to edit here and there for this blog, it's just slow going. :-\

I also was excited to learn I won the Rescue Beauty Lounge + Refinery 29 giveaway on Facebook a few weeks ago! They were giving away 25 sets of their new collaborative collection. I still haven't gotten to try any of these pretties out, but I keep admiring them in the bottle. I've always wanted to try Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polish. So look for swatches of these in a future blog post!

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