Introducing... Ruby!

So last Thursday evening we brought a little girl rattie home, who we named Ruby. :)

She has a little mask because she's in mid coat change. I'm thinking she is Cinnamon. Her markings are Berkshire. We think she around 3 months old, not older than 4 months. She still has those translucent baby teeth.

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Ruby is little skittish when you first pick her up, but she's very curious. And feisty. She likes to chase the older girls around. She's also been copying the other girls, which is silly to watch. She saw Molly & Willow licking a bowl the other night, and she had to creep up and have a taste as well. (Toffee hasn't moved back into the girls cage yet, until after her Thursday vet visit. Update about her at the end of this post).

How about a Toffee update? As of today, Toffee's incision site from the tumor removal is completely closed up! Thank Goodness! She should be getting the remaining staples removed this coming Thursday. So glad to be done with everything! And I'm sure she will be happy to not have to wear the cone anymore too! :-p (You can read all about Toffee's vet saga here, if you missed it).

If you're curious, we have three boys currently; Remy, Jasper, T.J., and now four girls; Toffee, Willow, Molly, Ruby.

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