My new addiction: Bumblesoaps

*Please Note: Bumblesoaps will be closed until end of January 2015, due to the owner moving. 

I have a bad, bad addiction to bath productsLush, L'Occitane, Fortune Cookie Soap, Pig  & The Peacock, KB Shimmer, and now... Bumblesoaps! My cousin had raved to me how awesome the whipped soaps are from Bumblesoaps, and how great the customer service is. And, Jennifer from Peer Pressure Polish had also mentioned to me how awesome Bumblesoaps is. (Check her blog out, she has some Bumble reviews up too). I placed my first order a few weeks ago, (which *ahem* may have quickly been followed by a second order). 

Bumblesoaps, also stole my heart forever. They recently came out with the scent Hedonic Tonic(a dupe, if not a better dupe- for Polyjuice Potion from Fortune Cookie Soap. It's much sweeter and fruitier). I love this scent! The body butter is lightly scented, while the lotion bar is more concentrated.
Please click below to read the rest of this review, it will be a picture heavy post!

Note: Please don't mind my wet labels, I was too excited to try everything out, and forgot to take pictures first. (My second order came with the new waterproof labels.) 

So, let's talk Whipped Soaps... the hype is real! These whipped soaps are packed to their 4oz brims when your order arrives. They are dense, foamy, and moisturizing. After my first shower my skin felt like I had already applied lotion, it was crazy.

I ordered Rose Jelly scent, (a dupe for LUSH Rose Jam), and Lick Me All Over, (a dupe for Bath & Bodyworks discontinued scent- Sunkissed Raspberry). Hedonic Tonic whipped soap is also amazing. So fresh, and fruity, (a close if not better dupe for Fortune Cookie Soap, PJP).

The Shower Jelly... do you remember that "slime" they had in gumball machines when you were a kid? Haha! The shower jelly totally brings back nostalgic memories of that for me. But- don't be fooled, this shower jelly, smells AMAZING! I got the shower jelly in Sexy Little Thing (VS dupe). I've never tried the original, but this has a nice light floral scent with jasmine, orchid, and freesia.

You smush a little of the shower jelly into a bath pouf and it lathers up great. This is also left my skin nice and soft. I even tried it in my hair! I have pretty fine straight hair, and I was pleased this left my hair lightly scented, and soft, not oily. :)

#Savethebees Honeycomb Soap; I ordered this is Hedonic Tonic scent. The design is adorable. Also... this scent glows in the dark! How cool is that? The bath bomb in Hedonic Tonic also glows, but silly me forgot to take a photo before I had used it up already. 

The Roll-On Perfumes are concentrated, and stay on your skin all day. I ordered Sexy Little Thing, and Hedonic Tonic. I also ordered one in the Rose Jelly scent, which I'm waiting for. (My 3rd and final order, until I get back to work in January).

I received this sample of foaming scrub in limited edition scent of Pumpkin Cupcake. (There's a different limited edition foaming scrub each month). Holy moly... I wanted to eat this stuff it smelled so good! I like the texture of the foaming scrub, it was more dense and easier to pick up than a regular sugar scrub, and it left my hands super soft. 

The Mini Bath Bombs! They fizz when you drop them in the tub, and have amazing moisturizing oils, and come in many scents. Bumblesoaps also makes mini Fortune Cookie Soaps. They are solid, and not hollow like Fortune Cookie Soap brand. Day at the Spa scent... oh my! Lemony goodness! I need that scent in a whipped soap sometime. The only scent I wasn't overly fond of was Blueberry Cheesecake(just my preference). I'm saving it to send to my cousin, who loves that scent. :) 

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