Oyster Books: App Review

Note: Oyster Books service is being discontinued January 2016. They are no longer accepting new subscribers. And all service will cease come January. Unfortunately this means I will have to find another e-book subscription service. I've absolutely loved the year and a half I've been subscribed to Oyster, I used it more than Netflix. I'm voracious reader. I go through 3+ books a week. I will be trying out Scribd's e-book service soon, and I'll let you all know how that is.

After my disappointing 30 day trial with Kindle Unlimited (I found it too limited). I decided to try Oyster Books. You also get a free 30 day trial, but the difference is Oyster has A LOT of books. And A LOT of popular titles to choose from. It's like the "Netflix" of books, literally. Also, if any of your friends sign up with your link, you both get a $15 credit, which they will deduct from each month, instead of charging your credit card. Normally it's $9.99 a month, which is not bad considering you can read any book, anytime.

Also, what's great is once you've already downloaded a book on Oyster Books, even if you're not connected to the internet, you can still read it. You only have to be connected to the internet to browse for books, and download. You read the books within the Oyster App. It still lets you change the font, font size, and background color. It automatically remembers where in the book you left off.

Use my Link HERE to sign up for your free 30 day trial, 
and both of us will get a $15 credit towards another free month! 

There a ton of different genres to choose from.
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I'm past my 30 day trial, now and I also got two free months thanks to a few friends signing up. So I haven't had my credit card charged yet. I honestly love Oyster Books and I'm going to be sticking with them for awhile. You can use the Oyster Books App on iPhone, iPad, Web browser, Android device, and Kindle Fire.

My Profile on Oyster Books. You can even connect with friends, and see what they are reading.

Here's some of the books I've read on Oyster Books. (I read A LOT).
Also would just like to note, their customer service is fab! I had a book that was loading as a completely different title, and I emailed them about it. They got back to me really quickly, saying they were going to resolve the error with the publishing company.

Oyster recently updated their app,  and added lists. Now you can organize books you've read or want to read!

I have a Kindle Fire HDX. And of course Amazon wanted to make it complicated for you to get the Oyster App... because why would they want to lose money on their own book service? *wink* But, I have some easy tips for you to install the app on your Kindle Fire device.

(Note: The instructions on Oyster's Website for Kindle Fire do not work. It will say 'download failed'. Follow instructions below to install on a Kindle Fire device).

1. Go to Settings, and Applications.

2. Make sure 'Apps From Unknown Sources' is turned ON.

3. Download an APK file installer in the Amazon App store.

4. Go to: market.1mobile.com in your Amazon Silk browser. Download the App's APK file. Install 1 MobileMarket App with the APK Installer.

5. Run 1 Mobile Market App, search for 'Oyster Books' App- download and install! You are good to go! (Tip: This is also how you install Instagram on your Kindle Fire, and other apps that the Amazon store does not have. You're welcome!)

Would you try Oyster Books? Have you? 

Use my LINK HERE to sign up for your 30 day free trial.

*Not getting paid to write this, I just really love it!
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