I got my Helmer! :)

Thursday was my birthday, and one of my gifts this year was an Ikea Helmer! Coveted and utilized by almost every nail polish blogger in the blogging world. The Helmer is capable of holding 500-600 bottles of nail polish.

Picture Heavy, so more after the jump! ;-)

My god though guys, you didn't tell me it comes in a million pieces! I think my husband and I spent a good 45 minutes to an hour putting it together. I put the drawers together, and he did the base. The worst part was getting the wheels on, the screws just did not want to go through the metal holes. So we had to use an electric drill, (which kept locking up), and manually use that, while turning the drill on every now and then. But... it's done! Whoo hoo!

I decided to decorate my Helmer with some really pretty lace Duck Tape I found on eBay. I have a Black, White, and Aqua Blue theme throughout our apartment.

And here is my Helmer, full of everything. I still have tons of room, I had to put baskets and other nonsense items in there to keep the rows of nail polish from falling over when I open/close the drawers, since they are not completely full. We also got white shelf liner grip from Dollar Tree, and I cut it to fit inside each drawer.

So happy birthday to me! I also got Louboutin Rouge from my husband, and some awesome Fortune Cookie Soap products from my cousin, and I pre-ordered the Chaos and Crocodiles Secret Agent Collection, plus Operation in Vegas. :-)

Holy moly... ButterBeer and PolyJuice smell amazing! Infact... I blame my cousin for this happening, because I had to order more items in those scents!

Husband I just chilled at home, and I actually stayed off Facebook for 24 hours, lol. We ordered Chinese take-out, and had an early dinner, since my husband had work Thursday night. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention my husband finally found a job! 3 years and many applications later, since he moved to the USA in 2011. He's doing night stock work at Shoprite now, he started in August. :-)

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