Ruby White Tips: Color Shifters. (Testing Phase).

✯ PR Sample ✯ 

Ruby White Tips recently gave me the opportunity to swatch some brand new colors for her. These new polishes are color shifters. They looked very similar in the bottle, but once on the nail had different shimmers throughout.

Please Note: The polishes below are in the testing phase at the moment and both will be renamed when added to the Ruby White Tips shop, end of March. AB will be part of 'The Hobbit' collection but will be renamed. ES will be part of 'The Walking Dead' collection.

First up is: Dwarves in a Barrel. (test name Aurora Borealis).  It has a reddish pink base and you get a nice blue shimmer. It's also my favorite of the two.

Sun photos.

Swagger like Micchonne, (test name, Earth Stone) also has a reddish base, but it has a more prominent blue/green shimmer. This polish will be renamed when it is added to the shop.

Sun photos.

The formula on these is nice and thick. I prefer thicker formulas because you won't flood your cuticles that way, and they are much easier to work with. You want to do thin coats to avoid any bubbling. Let it dry between coats. For the photos above I did three thin coats, plus Seche Vite topcoat. Application was a breeze.

Ruby White Tips was also nice enough to share a discount code with my readers. For 10% off your Ruby White Tips order, you can use the code: TUNAY until the end of May on all your purchases!

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