New Purchases!

Thought I would share a few of my newest purchases... non polish related, lol. :-p

First up... my gorgeous Guess Trixia Uptown satchel. I saw this People Style Watch magazine and I started stalking the Guess website until they listed it. Luckily I got an email the day they added new spring items. And... the color I wanted was on sale. (Normally it's $128). Plus I got a 15% off + free shipping coupon, since I was a new customer. I saved $47 total off my pretty new bag. I don't normally like spending so much on a purse, but I really love this one. It's nice and roomy too (16 x 11).

The last time I bought Bose headphones was back in 2009. I got a pair of the original Bose ear buds on eBay. I started using them a lot after my job relocated in 2011 and I started taking the train to work. (45min -1 hour commute both ways). I usually ride in the quiet car in the mornings and I can listen to music on my Bose ear buds without disturbing anyone else, like normal ear buds do. But sadly... 5 years later the sound decided to go in the right side... so it was time for a new pair.

I got the Bose IE2 earbuds. They've definitely improved the design since the original ones came out. Now the silicone buds actually STAY ON the headphones itself... the originals it would sometimes slip off and you'd lose one. Now there's a little tab on each one to prevent that from happening. Also I really like the new StayHear tips even though they look like weird little elf ears, lol. They are really comfortable. The original Bose ear buds would slip out of your ears if you exercised, got sweaty or even just tipped your head funny. The StayHear tips actually don't budge. :-) I just hope they last me 5 years like the last pair did because they are not cheap... though you can find them on sale for $60-70.

Last but not least, I got a new pair of Easy Spirit e360 Reinvent sneakers. I have another gray/lavender pair, but I wanted black so I could wear it more without them looking dirty. I got these on sale for $50. I don't know if I can properly explain how comfortable these sneakers are... if you're ever in a shoe store and see them. Try them on, trust me! They are made out of that extremely lightweight rubber/foam that Croc's are made of. You literally feel like there's nothing on your feet when you put them on. The upper is a sock/spandex lining, so it's snug to the foot, like a custom fit. I can't rave about these enough, they are unlike any other sneaker I've ever worn. I just love them.

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