Emile: Dec 2012 - Mar 2014

Emile passed away late Tuesday night, while I was asleep. He had been struck with a lot of health ailments in his old age. In January he either had a respiratory infection or pneumonia. He also had seizures during that illness. He was so ill we had to feed him with an oral syringe every few hours, but he ended up recovering fully.

Then he recently lost the use of his back legs, which happens with a lot of older male rats. (Degenerative osteoarthritis). We had moved him to a smaller "hospital" cage, where he could pull himself up to drink & eat from the bowls easier. He was so frail before he passed away and he had stopped wanting to eat or drink the day before he passed away, so I knew he was going to pass away soon...

We brought Emile home with Remy in December of 2012. Emile was a really laid back boy, and always happy. He loved to be pet and scratched and would occasionally cuddle up next to me. He developed an obsession for carrots in his old age, he loved eating raw carrots. (Most of my other pet rats hate carrots, lol). Last summer he ended up losing a finger during a fight with Teddy. His nicknames were "Emilio", and "Stinky Nacho".

And he was silly... like this time he got his head stuck in the M&M's wrapper. :-p

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