Zoya Pixie Dust: Miranda, Stevie, Liberty

A few weeks ago Zoya had a free shipping deal. So I took advantage of it and ordered three colors from the new Summer 2013 PixieDust collection. I ordered Miranda, Stevie & Liberty. They are so pretty in person, matte when dry, but very sparkly.

All nail photos taken in the sunlight.
Miranda is a gorgeous fuchsia pink.

Stevie is a pretty lavender.

And Liberty is a stunning blue.

I'm going to wear Liberty this week. I do my nails once a week. Then they have to last the entire work week. (Seche Vite top coat helps regular polish last longer. Don't use a top coat on texture polish). I can tell you from using Zoya NYX before, the PixieDust wore a whole week with no chipping! I really love these new summer colors!

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*All nail polish purchased with my own money

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