Zoya, Konad & a gift from The Netherlands!

After posting about some of the Zoya summer Pixie Dusts, I went and also ordered Destiny. A pretty orange coral.

I tried out a gradient with Destiny & Miranda.

My friend Maaike (Mee-ka) on Instagram & I decided to send each other each a little package. (We both love nail polish and pet rats!) She sent me a pretty turquoise Essence Nail Polish in Let's Get Lost & Lipton strawberry cupcake tea, all the way from The Netherlands! (The tea tastes like strawberry jam!) I'm sending her a Zoya polish & some treats for her ratties.


I found some of the new L.A. Girl 3d Effect polish on eBay! I still have to swatch them and I'm planning on doing a gradient with them!

I finally got my first Konad image plate. One with a Zebra & Cheetah pattern. I've only ever used stamping plates from Winstonia Store, so I was surprised Konad's look exact to Winstonia's plates. I also got Konad special stamping polish in Black & White. And a new little stamper set from Winstonia Store.

My first Konad mani! I just stamped over my Esscense polish to test it out, so there was some tip wear, etc. My new shorter stamper is a lot easier to handle than the longer one I was using before.

I also did purple zebra nails. With China Glaze Spontaneous!

I also found a nice large plastic container to store all.... 104 of my nail polishes in. I organized the polish by brand in little plastic baggies.

I will leave off with this funny Someecard, because I just ordered polish 105 from Sindie Pop Lacquer last night, a color I've been wanting for ages, and she finally restocked! Golden Raspberries!

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