More Lush goodies, a talk about deoderant & nail mail!

My 2nd Lush Cosmetics order finally arrived. (My 1st Lush experience). I had to get more of that citrus soap that smells like lemon drops (Sexy Peel). I also got facial soap (Fresh Farmacy) & a herbal deodorant (The Greeench). They also sent me a sample of demon in the dark soap. It smells like mint, it's yummy!

Let's talk deodorant. Before my job relocated to Center City in early 2010, I used to drive to work. It took 10-15 minutes. Now I have to commute on the train for 45min to 1 hour. Not to mention all the walking and anxiety of commuting. And the air not working sometimes on the train when it's hot out! I started having embarrassing issues with deodorant failing... I never had this problem before when I just used to drive to work! Arrgh!

Below you can see just how many different deoderants I've tried....

The Crystal worked for a little while. Then I guess I became immune to it. Tom's... doesn't last all day. Regular Dove and Degree same thing. I was using clinical protection Mitchum and that worked. I just switched over to Dove clinical protection when I ran out of Mitchum. That's been working pretty well, but it's expensive and I don't like the scent too much. That's why I decided to give the Lush deodorant a try. I'll update this post after I've worn it a week and let you know how it holds up!

Edited 5-10-13: The Lush deodorant held up pretty okay. It kept away odor, but it was not so good at being an anti-antiperspirant. Still, it is something I would continue to use. I want to try their T'eo bar.

And.... nail mail! Purple is my favorite color. It was even included in our wedding & reception. So you would think I would have more purple nail polishes, but I really don't. I have more blue and aqua nail polish. I ordered these two pretty polishes on eBay!

China Glaze: Spontaneous. And Color Club: Wild at Heat.

The holographic effect is not very strong on this Color Club. But the purple color was a shade I really liked. So it's pretty regardless. It dries fairly quick. This is 3 coats, no top coat. When I removed it though, it did stain the skin around my fingers...

This is China Glaze Spontaneous. It's just the shade of purple I've been wanting. Not to light and not too dark. Kind of a grape candy color. The formula is great. I just needed two coats. 

I used Sally Hansen Insta-dri in Silver Sweep to stamp. (I really recommend Insta-Dri for stamping, it's thick & dries fast and doesn't smear.) I stamped with my Winstonia Store plates. I have a lot of trouble stamping full designs though. Pictured is my right hand. My left hand does not look as good, lol. You really need a lot of patience when stamping. I used Seche Vite top coat once I was done.

If you haven't already. Check out my Complete Nail Polish Collection!
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