The Fur Kids!

It's been a little while since I posted pictures of the fur kids. Everyone is doing okay. Aspen turned 3 years old this month. He's my little frail old man. His back legs don't work well anymore but he still gets around pretty well.

Teddy bear turned 1 year last month, and he started with a preputial abscess.... blah. I hate abscesses. He's been on antibiotics and a scab is just starting, so it will have to be cleaned & drained soon. He takes his meds in Strawberry Ensure because he screams when I try to give him the meds in an oral syringe, lol. 

Belle, one of my dumbo girls, is getting a mammary tumor. It's in a bad spot too, right near her shoulder, so it's kind of under her neck. :-(

Some recent pictures of everyone, from my camera & Instagram:

Buttercup, Violet & Sweet Pea. Making a heart shape in their heart hammock! ♥

Cherry, Belle & Pumpkin. Everyone got new hammocks recently from
Dakota's Sweet Dreams on Etsy.

 Pumpkin & Cherry

 Pumpkin licking off a plate that had a cinnamon bun on it.

 Buttercup & I cuddling the other morning, while I was home sick with a yucky head cold. (Still getting over it).

Templeton looking uncomfortable & offended while my husband gives him a quick wet wipe bath, his expression is so funny!

My Teddy Bear!

 Remy, Templeton & Emile hanging out.

Emile! He is just a little drama king. You'll usually find him pinned on his back while one of the other rats groom him, and he makes pitiful sounding cries, lol. He's very affectionate & playful. Emile LOVES using his wheel, I have yet to get video of him doing it though!

Don't let this photo fool you. Remy is a total troublemaker. He is always antagonizing the other boys in the cage & then they end up chasing each other, boxing or fighting.

Aspen, my frail little old man now.

 Templeton, out cold during a nap on my bed.

Pumpkin, my chubby monkey.

Buttercup, doing her signature "peeking", I love her little paw.


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