Sweet Pea's Head Tilt... (Updated)

Friday afternoon my husband noticed Sweet Pea was off balance. When I got home from work, she was tilting to the left. When you would pick her up she would panic and start rolling over in my hands. Her balance was way off and she would even roll over on the bed. This really came on suddenly, as Thursday she seemed fine. Sweet Pea is a few months past 1 year.

We've got her in a little cage at the moment, which we call the "hospital cage" so she can't fall and hurt herself. Praying it's just an inner ear infection or some other infection and not a pituitary tumor... (which cannot be cured...) she's on antibiotics right now and praying we see an improvement by this coming Friday.

She can still hold food in her paws and is still eating & drinking. Today she was much calmer. She's still tilting to the left and when she walks tends to circle to the left. She really wanted to explore today but the tilting was getting in the way. Poor girl...
 In her hospital cage.

 Her head tilt is more prominent here.

Video of Sweet Pea's Head Tilt. :-(

Updated: 3/16/13:

Sweet Pea has been on antibiotics & resting in a hospital cage for a week. Friday night she got to join her sisters back in the big cage. (Buttercup my territorial girl, gave her a hard time, after being gone a week). Her head tilt is extremley slight now. She's no longer dizzy or lethargic.She will still be on antibiotics for another week. She's really improved so much, compared to last weekend, when she could barely walk and kept walking in circles.

Here's an updated video from last night:


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