Milani Texture Polish!

These are so much fun! I love them even more than the Zoya Pixie Dust texture polish because these are more pigmented. I got Aqua Splash, Purple Streak, Spoiled in Fuchsia & Yellow Mark. I ordered them from the Milani Website. Though I do believe they will be in a few select stores soon. They also have red & gray, but I didn't like those colors as much.

These have a rougher texture than the Zoya Pixie Dust. You only need about 2 coats each though. And they dry rather fast. They also remove easy with polish remover. I didn't need to do my foil trick with these.


This was my 2nd and last BirchBox. I only got February & March boxes. It's fun... but it's a bit pricy, $10 a month. I'm glad my last box had some fun nail stuff in it. :-)

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