Polish Addiction...

My addiction with nail polish continues... lol. I've gotten some lovely new colors again.

New China Glaze Halloween 2012 colors. These were my favorites. The gray 'Immortal' has different colors of shimmer in it. And 'Make a Spectacle' is my new favorite glitter topcoat. This blog post on The PolishAholic is what made me want these two colors so much. In the bottle, 'Make a Spectacle' looks very similar to China Glaze 'Luxe & Lush', but 'Luxe & Lush' shows up gold on your nails. 'Make a Spectacle' is iridescent and has larger circles of glitter, plus shimmer. I was lucky to get each of the new colors for $3 on ebay.

And my Layla polish obsession! I'm so glad Ninja Polish carries this brand. These are my first two non holographic Layla polishes.

I ordered Layla Softouch Effects in: Aqua Zen. I love this color and the finish is so unique from any of my other nail polishes. It's not matte, it's more a ceramic or rubber/vinyl finish. (I wore this color for 1 full week with no base or top coat and had NO CHIPS at all. Just tip wear- AMAZING polish!)

And Layla Mirror Effect in: Metal Chrome. This one is pretty neat, it's not too streaky, it does show every imperfection on your nail though, you're supposed to soft buff your nails before applying this. But what I did was do 1 coat, then a coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat and then 3 more coats of the Metal Chrome and it smoothed it out. It's super shiny in person like I have foil on my nails. :-)

Also I know I've talked about Butter London before. How it takes forever to dry and stains my nails and how I don't think it's worth the price. (Not like Layla!) Well... then I saw this picture of the Butter London Nordstrom Exclusive color 'Two Fingered Salute' and I had to have it...

Not my picture. This is from The PolishAholic blog.


Actually, they were out of stock and I couldn't find the color on ebay so I thought I would never own it. But Nordstrom's finally restocked so I ordered it! It's so pretty... it reminds me of marble or stone. A subtle goldish greenish color. It's gorgeous! It's not shipping until October 20th though. :-(

P.S. Check out KJPugs blog! She received her prizes from the Krazy Candle giveaway I hosted and she blogged all about it. :-) Congrats again! *Krazy Candle is no longer open* 

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