More Foreign Snack Foods (Philippines)

Because October has 5 Monday's this month, I somehow get three paychecks instead of two.. It's always fun when that happens, because then we get just a little bit of extra spending money. So the husband & I decided to order from Phil-Am Foods again. We ordered so much this time, it came in 2 boxes, lol.

(Click on each photo to enlarge it).

All the goodies! I also ordered more Vaseline shampoo again.

The frozen goods. We've tried the Siopao & Pork Tocino before. The Fish & Shrimp Balls will be boiled in soup, they are like dumplings. The pastry Ensaymada; look like round biscuits, they have shredded cheese on top, but are sweet and remind me of a cheese danish.

Squid & Anchovy jerky. It's crispy & crunchy and a bit fishy tasting. But not too salty. We love these. Of course... you may be a bit freaked out, because the crispy little anchovies still have eyes! :-p

Haven't tried this yet, Spicy Squid Cubes, but I love trying new or exotic foods. We will probably have it with some white rice. 

This just look fun & interesting. Curly Spaghetti! Lucky Me Brand makes a lot of ramen noodle soups. 

 Haven't tried these yet either, but Leslie's Brand makes Clover Chips which we love.

These were just okay- the flavoring could have been stronger. We really liked the Green/Yellow Bag of the Marco Polo Shrimp onion & garlic chips better, those melted in your mouth!

Regent makes our all time favorite chips, Tempura, Sashimi & Labzter. These Chicken Teriyaki ones are new. The flavoring is strong and I really liked them.

I've blogged about these before. Baconette Strips are so good! They are shaped like little bacon slices. But they are light and crispy with a nice bacon flavoring. There is no meat in this product.

My brother Scott did a review of them on YouTube here:

Dinner tonight! Shrimp soup with shrimp balls. Pork barbecue on a stick and a salted duck egg. Everything was delicious!

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