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Here are some of the newest nail colors I've gotten this month...yes I have a polish addiction ;-)
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My very first Zoya nail polishes! I loved these two colors of the most out of the new Holiday 2012 collection. They have holographic sparkles in them and are gorgeous in person! I found them on eBay through this seller. (Who even sent a cute gold nail file along as a free gift).
Aurora (3 coats).

Another of Aurora (4 coats)

 Storm (3 coats)

The coveted Two Fingered Salute color from Butter London. It's a Nordstrom's exclusive color. It was on back order for awhile, but finally arrived! I love it! It has a matte finish. It's really unique, kind of a faded sage green with copper shimmer in it. It reminds me of stone or marble.

Pudding Lane from Nails Inc London. I found this on eBay too. It's actually more aqua in person. It's got bits of purple and gold glitter. And the aqua blue color is creamy like icing. It's pretty in person, but a pain in the ass to take off, lol!

Speaking of which, if you're on Pinterest maybe you've seen this pin going around. I've also seen people blog about this method for removing glitter polish. So today I tried it out for myself. You take cotton balls soak them in nail polish remover then place the cotton ball over each nail and wrap with foil. (I used cheap foil from Dollar Tree because it's not as sharp and tears easily.) 

Obviously you have to do one hand at a time, lol. I waited about 15 minutes per hand. When you remove them, you twist and rub the foil with the cotton ball and it removes the glitter polish like nothing. I was pretty impressed. I will definitely be doing it again when I have to remove stubborn polish!

P.S. And just to show you what it's like to try & take nail swatch photographs when you have pet rats, lol. Pumpkin got her nose in the picture:

LOL! And yes, I'm wearing 2 kinds of polish in that photo. Sometimes I get so excited when I get a new color & don't feel like changing colors right away on all my nails, I'll only test the new color on 1 or 2 nails to photograph it.

*No top or base coats were used in the photos above.
Edited To Add: 11/4/2012
 Zoya Blaze

*All polish was purchased by myself. 

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