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Summer... has been oppressive and I'm sooo ready for fall and colder weather... and pumpkin spice lattes! We really haven't been up to much lately, just staying at home... in the air, lol. And I've been busy with work and exhausted in the evenings, so I haven't been updating my blog as regularly. But, if you want more up to the minute updates about what I'm up to you can find me at the following places:
  • Facebook (My page is private, if you request me as a friend please include a short message so I know who you are).
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter  (My Twitter is private, leave your Twitter name in the comments below so I know who I am approving).
  • Instagram: tunaynamahal82
  1. was googling and chanced upon your us visa stories then later on your love story. got hooked and booked marked your blog and added to y blog list. really nice love story. so i'm puzzled why you'd block me on facebook. i don't remember saying or writing anything wrong. oh well. that's alright. just curious. -- ernie a,

  2. erniea, There's a few reasons:

    #1 My Facebook page is private. It's not public. There are only certain posts I will make public.

    #2. When Facebook switched over to the Timeline feature they included something called 'subscribers', people that could subscribe to my public updates without asking for a friend request- when I shut that off that feature it blocked all the subscribers.

    #3. You sent me a random friend request. You didn't include a message saying "Hi, I read your blog," , or "Hey I know you from...", etc. If I just get a random friend request and I look at the persons page and can't see a connection I don't approve them.

    #4. I clean house on my Facebook page sometimes. If you were a friend on Facebook that didn't interact with me at all, I sometimes clear out those 'friends' off my Facebook page. I don't collect friends on Facebook, I want people that will interact with me.

    All that said, you never commented here before on my blog either, so I wouldn't have known who you were if you sent me a random friend request. Thanks and sorry but it wasn't intentional if I didn't accept a request or you were blocked accidentally.

  3. Totally off topic but it's hilarious that you are thinking of pumpkin spice in this weather you are a pumpkin addict and I look forward to searching out coffee creamers with you this fall. Wait....am I allowed
    To have creamer on this stupid new allergy diet??! Ughh. And where are the summer flavor coffee creamers?!!

  4. I should also mention- if some randomly friends you on Facebook and you don't know them if you deny their friend request Facebook asks, 'Do you know this person?" If you click 'No' it blocks them from asking to friend you again.

    Shannon, that sucks if you can't. And I'm so over summer and sweating and sky high electric bills, ugh, and humidity! I want colder weather. :)

  5. Sarah! I didn't know you blog! I've enjoyed being friends with you through our rats on Facebook, but this will be a new and fun way to get to know you better. Cynthia Rambossek Goehring


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