Not another flood.... (Philippines) :-(

Manila and surrounding provinces in the Philippines had a bad monsoon on 8-7-12. It flooded so bad they had to open the dams, which cause more flooding. It was almost as bad the flood back in 2009. Sadly my in-laws house was flooded again though we don't know how badly. :-(

My Father in-law works as ship captain and is back out at sea. (He helps transport cars, fruits, etc to different countries). My mother in-law had to stay with my Sister in-law & family at her 2 story house. The flooding at my SIL's house reached the garage but from last reports hadn't gotten into the house. And we pray that's still true. Their power was out for 3 days and they were conserving their cell phones so we didn't hear much from them. We still don't really have any definite detailed updates at the moment.

Everyone is okay from texts, facebook, etc (Friends & Family). Which we are very thankful for! (Thank you for all the prayers!) It really sucks that my in-laws house got flooded again. My husband remembers being there for the 2009 flood. He knows how hard it was and how hard the clean up was.

(Flood survivors lining up for aid at the municipal hall of Cainta. We were married there in December 2009). Source 

(I just realized after publishing- the photo above is from the 2009 typhoon).

I was checking Twitter every hour looking up keywords for Cainta Rizal and their villages name (gated community), to find current updates. The flood waters were reported waist high at my in-laws village. Though the flood waters are subsiding. My husband said they shut off the power automatically when flood waters reach a certain level. It's also rainy season over there right now, which doesn't help matters.

We are just thankful everyone is okay. Including our niece who will be 1 years old on August 21st. She had a little cold, but from last reports is doing better.

Our Niece Zia!
If you want to donate to the Philippine Red Cross to help with relief efforts (Over 2 million people were effected by this storm), there are ways to donate on their website (Including Paypal).

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