Krazy Candle Soy Tarts!

*Krazy Candle is no longer open* 

My friend Brittney has started a company called Krazy Candle. They make homemade all natural soy tarts for warmers. (Think Scentsy). They also sell soy candles and warmers. I ordered 4 soy tarts in different scents. I ordered: Birthday Cake, Apples and Maple Bourbon, Beach Linen & Lilac Mist. (There are 26 scents to choose from!)

I am burning the Apples & Maple Bourbon scent. It smells like fall! Apples, and cinnamon, etc. The tarts don't smell very strong in the package, but when you burn them the scents are much stronger. They make the whole house smell good! I can't wait to try the other scents I ordered.

Since the tarts are not wax, to remove them easily from your warmer if you want to change scents- just stick your warmer or warming plate in the freezer for about 5-10 minutes. The hardened soy tart will pop right out! Easy clean up! :-)

(Apples & Maple Bourbon was already in my warmer!)
The Owl warmer is from Scentsy. It was a birthday gift from my cousin who sells Scentsy Products! :-) Click here to buy!

*Note: I purchased these 4 tarts on my own. I was not asked to review, this is my honest opinion. 


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