Off my camera goes...

I got my Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W570 last July. I've only had it 8 months. My flash hasn't been working for a week. No matter what setting, no matter what light condition, even if I have the flash setting permanently on. Nothing. If I try taking a picture with all the lights off, no flash then either. Not even resetting the camera back to the factory settings worked. I just didn't have a flash... arrgh. It's frustrating because this camera isn't even a year old yet. I've never really had a bad experience with Sony cameras, until now.

I contacted Sony support and luckily my camera is still under warranty. So I packed it up and sent it off all insured to be repaired, no cost. (Thank goodness I still had my original box & proof of purchase from Amazon). Hopefully it doesn't take too long to get it back. And hopefully whatever is wrong with my flash can be fixed.


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