8 years! ♥

F.B. & I have been together 8 years today! Yes... April Fools Day, (04-01-2004) was the 1st time we said "I love you", and started this crazy journey. Now eight years later, after 7 years of long distance, traveling to the Philippines and immigration (still not finished that!), we've been married 2 years and are finally living in the same time zone together! And while it's not always perfect, it's been worth it. ♥

Check out 'Our Timeline'. I keep it updated and link to old blog entries that tell our story over the years. ♥

F.B. and I are just staying home this year and getting some Chinese takeout for dinner, since I've been home on bed rest due to my back. I'll be back at work on Monday.

  1. happy anniversary!! hope you are feeling better! love you and miss you <3

  2. Happy Anniversary Sarah Lynn & F.B.! 8 years is a long time. Hope you got to spend it doing something fun.


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