Basketball Game!

F.B. & I got to see an NBA game on Saturday here in Philadelphia. We got to go watch the 76ers play against Orlando Magic. I got the tickets for F.B. as his Valentines Day gift. He loves basketball, but he's never gotten to see an NBA game live, until now. We did get to watch a Philippine basketball game together in 2008.

I've never been to an NBA game either. It was super crowded and our seats were really high up, but you could still see the game pretty well. We did decide to leave at halftime though since the game started at 8pm. We wanted to beat the traffic. (Good thing we left early anyhow, the Sixers lost! They had been in the lead before halftime). We went to IHOP around 10pm and had a late dinner. (Yum pancakes!)

We had a quiet Easter dinner at home this evening. I cooked a roast beef in the crock pot and we had it along with onions and mushrooms. We also had baked potatoes & green bean casserole. Yum!

Happy Easter Everyone!

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