Pumpkins and... SNOW?!?

We officially got our first snowstorm today. In October. In the Fall. 2 days before Halloween! It was supposed to rain all day and turn to snow in the late afternoon but already around 11am it was snowing and sleeting pretty heavy out. It seems to have stopped now, but when I went outside the snow covered the top of my shoes, so I think we got around 2-4 inches. There is definitely 4 inches on my car! The last time it snowed in October in Philadelphia was in 1979! (The month & year my husband was born, hehe!)

F.B. got to carve his first Jack O' Lantern! It's his first ever Halloween in the United States. Halloween is not widely celebrated in the Philippines. He helped me gut the pumpkin and he drew the face for me and I carved it. :-) So... today we had a Snow-Lantern instead of a Jack O' Lantern! Lol!

Happy Halloween Weekend!

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