✯ Happy Birthday F.B. ✯

Today was F.B.'s 32nd birthday and his first birthday celebration in the USA!

We went to Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet near Franklin Mills Mall in Philadelphia. It was the first time we went there. It used to be a computer store years ago. hehehe. But they have renovated everything and it's really pretty inside with chandeliers and stained glass and a fountain up front.

In the car:

F.B. getting ready to chow down, lol.

F.B. with his gifts from me: Star Wars Trilogy,Asher's Chocolates, Herr's Chips.
The Herr's Chips came in a Herr's Snack Truck box and there were 42 mini bags of chips. You could pick your flavors when you ordered. I ordered it from the Herr's website. :-)

For dessert we had cheesecake from Giant, that we shared with the family. Mmmm.

F.B. with his McDonald's gift cards from my family.
  1. Happy Birthday, F.B.! I hope it was a good one! That chip van is pretty cool!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to F.B.! Looks like he had a great first birthday :)

  3. Happy belated. Funny - I went on a tour of the Herr's factory last year!

  4. I've always wanted to take the Herr's tour Jenny! How was it?


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