My Dollar Tree is Freaking Amazing!

I've always loved Dollar Tree. They always have a really good selection of products and a lot of name brand items all for $1.00 or less. Just last year our Dollar Tree put in a freezer section and expanded their food aisles.

They have Campbells & Progresso soups now. Tons of canned vegetables, noodles, tortillas. I already discount grocery shop at Bottom Dollar & Food Basics. But wow my Dollar Tree has really stepped up it's game! I wanted to share some of my awesome Dollar Tree grocery finds!

Frozen Fruit! My dollar store now has frozen fruit! Even Aldi & Walmart charge $3+ for frozen fruit. I can now get frozen strawberries & blackberries for $1! I love making smoothies so these come in handy. Plus I sometimes take Crystal Light lemonade powder & frozen strawberries and blend with ice for strawberry lemonade! Yum! 

I just saw these at Walmart a few weeks ago. I think they wanted close to $3 for these frozen meals. I got 4 packages for $1 each! :-)

This isn't even half of the frozen vegetables Dollar Tree now offers. These are just some of my favorites!

This has to be the craziest dollar store find ever. Real frozen baby shrimp at the dollar store! They even had the full shell shrimp, (but I don't like their little heads, lol. They creep me out). Think I'm going to make a Thai stir fry with these baby shrimp & some veggies one night!

Frozen stuffed cheese ravioli & name brand tomato sauce. So neat! Hoping these Ravioli were worth $1! :-)

And yes, this is typical dollar store junk food, especially the ramen noodles! But ramen noodles are so versatile! I've started using them for cooking stir fry & have even used them with marinara sauce- you just don't use the seasoning packet that comes with the noodles if you're using them for a different recipe. 

We also got these amazing skins on, garlic & onion fries last week. But this week they were out of stock, so I don't have a picture of the package. They reminded me of KFC's wedge fries. They were really amazing & only $1!

And no; I'm not getting paid to advertise Dollar Tree! I just really really love them!

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