This should have...

This should have been included in my last blog, but I also ordered the book 'Anna Karenina' on Ebay. My blogging friend Shannon from Misguided Mommy was reading it and recommended it. :)

I also went to see the movie Black Swan after my car inspection yesterday morning. I went to the 9:40am show and there were only 12 other people in the theater, gotta love early movies! (And yes I sometimes go to see movies by myself!) It's a very pretty movie in spots. I like those emotional dysfunctional type movies. (The Virgin Suicides, White Oleander, Girl Interrupted, The Lovely Bones, etc.)

But... if you go see the movie, the one thing you need to keep in mind the whole time, is the girl in it is freakin' insane- literally, lol. (Insane as in she sees some crazy sh#t!) She's also obsessed with perfection & pushes herself to the edge. Her mother is insane & overprotective too. It's a really dark drama and it's got some horror type scenes in it. Though the ending I thought was going to happen- I wish did- instead of the one that actually happens.

  1. I need to get that book too! From Shannon's posts I want to read it too!

    That movie trailer scares me...I think I'll wait for DVD!

  2. I wanna watch Black Swan because of the ballet aspect of it and not the scary/weird part of it. Will have to wait for it to be available from Netflix.

  3. Patty, hehe you're so funny! I do admit I covered my eyes during the nail file scene... you'll see...

    Jacki, Those are the parts I really enjoyed. There's a documentary on Netflix called 'Ballerina' I bet you would like it, it follows 3 or 4 dancers through their lives.

  4. Ok, thanks! will definitely check it out!

  5. I loved the movie! It was not what I was expecting. Oh, and I go to movies alone - good to hear I'm not the only one!

  6. Yay! I'm glad someone else saw the movie too! :)


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