SRR: Spring/Summer 2011 Rat Train.

Last summer I adopted my 3 beautiful girls Honey, Hazelnut & Clover from Star's Rat Rescue. They traveled all the way from South Dakota to Philadelphia.

SRR is currently planning another trip to PA tentatively set for Spring/Summer 2011 depending on how fast they are able to get drivers and coordinate everything. Anyone along the route in NE, IA, IL, IN, OH, PA or MD can adopt! There are still a lot of rats available for adoption. I'm adopting 2 boys and 2 girls from Star's Rat Rescue.

My boys!

And girls 11H & 11J I will also be adopting!

Here is SRR's plan for the 2011 Rat Train! If you can help fill any driving spots or want to adopt please contact SRR by email at:

Phase 1

Winner, South Dakota to Joliet, IL
718 Miles - 11 hours 54 minutes
20 Rats

1. Winner, SD to Yankton, SD            149 mi  2 hours 56 mins - Filled! - Thanks Brittney!
2. Yankton, SD to Omaha (I-680), NE  160 mi  2 hour 41 mins - Filled! Thanks Brittney!
3. Omaha (I-680), NE to Adair, IA        82 mi   1 hour 18 mins - Filled! Thanks Barbara!
4. Adair, IA to Des Moines, IA             57 mi  55 mins  - Filled! Thanks Barbara!
5. Des Moines, IA to Williamsburg, IA  90 mi   1 hour 24 mins - Filled! Thanks Kristin!
6. Williamsburg, IA to Geneseo, IL      110 mi    1 hour 45 mins
7. Geneseo, IL to Joliet, IL                  116 mi    1 hours 56 mins - Filled! Thanks Mary!

~~Overnight Stay Needed in Joliet, IL or Chicago area. for 6 rats~~ - Filled! Thanks Pam!

Phase 2

Joliet, IL to Philadelphia, PA and Stevensville, MD
772 Miles - 13 hours 45 minutes
16 Rats

1. Joliet, IL to Chesterton, IN              59 mi   1 hour 17 mins - Filled! Thanks Pam!
2. Chesterton, IN to South Bend, IN    53 mi   58 mins - Filled! Thanks Pam!
3. South Bend, IN to Montpelier, OH    97 mi    1 hour 36 mins
4. Montpelier, OH to Fremont, OH        89 mi    1 hour 32 mins
5. Fremont, OH to Elyria, OH              62 mi    1 hour 7 mins
6. Elyria, OH to Boardman, OH           95 mi    1 hour 37 mins
7. Boardman, OH to Pittsburgh, PA      61 mi    1 hour 10 mins
8. Pittsburgh, PA to Somerset, PA       70 mi    1 hour 15 mins - Filled! - Thanks Samantha!
9. Somerset, PA to Harrisburg, PA      138 mi   2 hour 25 mins
10. Harrisburg, PA to Philadelphia, PA 107 mi   1 hour 55 mins - Filled! - Thanks Sarah!
11. Philadelphia, PA to Newark, DE      45 mi    56 mins - Filled! Thanks Jenn!
12. Newark, DE to Stevensville, MD      70 mi    1 hour 22 mins - Filled! Thanks Jenn!

Want to adopt a Rescue Rat?

If you live along/close to the train route and would like to adopt a rescue rat now, please go to Star's Rat Rescue and check out the available rats and then fill out the Pre-Adoption Questionnaire.

You can still adopt even if you are not along/close to this train route, SRR will have more routes in the future. Please follow the same instructions as above.

For other ways to Help Star's Rat Rescue, please see our note here.

I'll be keeping the list updated as we get new drivers & adopters added! 

(Please cross post or tweet about this if you can! Thanks!)

  1. I just learned something new. Now that is cool.

  2. Wow! I had no idea that the adoption was so detailed!

  3. Patty- yep! The adoption process is similar to adopting a cat or dog. You have to fill out a questionnaire. See if you're approved- then you have to fill out an adoption contract. It took 3 months last time before we got all the drivers for the PA train last summer. So it's a bit of a waiting process.

  4. They are so cute! All my rats have been adopted from rat rescues and the application is quite detailed but understandable.


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