Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pepper: Feb 2010-Jan 2011

My Pepper rat passed away around 7:20pm. She has always been my runt, she had a lot of health issues- especially lung issues. (She was in cedar chips at the store I got her at.) She's been fighting for her life since I got her. She developed a mammary tumor a few months ago and I think that was giving her even more complications. Yesterday evening she started being not able to breathe and none of the treatments we usually give her seemed to work... I think it was just her time. She seemed a better this morning but this evening was bad again and gasping for breathe.... goodbye my Pepper... you were my spunky funny girl and I will miss you...

Poppy & Pepper


And now my Poppy rat is ill? I'm not sure... she started this afternoon while I was at work (my Brother was checking in on Pepper and noticed Poppy not looking like herself.) Poppy is lethargic and making a chattering/clicking noise. I don't know if she is mourning or ill. I am going to call the vet in the morning. Everyone else seems fine. :-(

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