1,500 Miles

About 3 months ago I posted about Star's Rat Rescue and the massive rescue they did. Since then they have adopted out about 50 rats, but there are still tons of male & female rats in need of forever homes.

They recently did a rat train that traveled from South Dakota all the way up into Michigan and Canada! There were 13 rats on this current train. And we had one driver drive from Philadelphia to South Dakota. He also dropped off rats in Ohio. And my 3 girls traveled all the way from South Dakota to Philadelphia, PA! They traveled approx 1,500 miles to get here! There are still even more rat trains being organized as we speak. For more information click here.

I have known Brittney of Star's Rat Rescue for about 3 years now. She has worked with me as a moderator on The Rat Chatter Forums. So I was very excited I would finally get the chance to adopt from her rescue since South Dakota is pretty far away from Philadelphia.

I was little nervous this afternoon when I couldn't get ahold of our rat train driver. He had called Monday from Ohio and we had planned for me to call him at his house Tuesday at 12pm. No answer. I called again at 1,2,3pm and left 2 messages. I even called Brittney to get her opinion we were hoping he had just zonked out though after his long trip and had made it home safely. On the way home from work around 3:30pm my phone started ringing and it was our rat train driver sorry that he had overslept. And no wonder- he left Thursday for the drive to South Dakota and didn't get back to Philadelphia until around 3am Tuesday! He adopted 2 male rats.

We met a little after 4:30pm at a Petco parking lot near my work. We chatted for a bit about rats and I got to see my girls. Was so excited to see them after nearly 2 1/2 months of the travel plans being organized and finally getting a driver. :-)

Please meet, Honey, Clover & Hazelnut! Honey is an fawn self, Clover is beige hooded and Hazelnut is a black berkshire.

Clover is soooo curious! She is like a little energizer bunny! When our driver handed me my cage all I saw at first was Clover my other girls were hiding and you could just see their little noses.

I put some of their little fleece pieces from the travel cage into their cage to make it smell more like home. Then they had some nice refreshing coconut water after their long trip, and mini marsh mellows were passed out to all 11 rats!

Honey is very shy and a bit frightened right now. She cries a bit when you pick her up but all of them were really handled well and are used to people. Honey will come towards me when she is in the cage to nibble my fingers a bit.

Hazelnut is also a bit shy and scared, but she also will nibble on your fingers. She is also a flying rat! She flew off the chair and onto my shoulder about 2 times when taking photos. She is very quick and hard to get photos of!

  1. Sarah I'm so happy they arrived safe and sound. What gorgeous girls. CongRATs on the new additions to your family!

  2. I always thought rats were cute, but I have a very picky bunny and I'm sure she needs to be an "only small rodent."


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