Mother's Day Weekend

My Mom & I usually go out for Mother's Day the day before so there are less crowds. This year we took the train downtown Saturday to 30th Street Station in Philadelphia to visit the Mutter Museum. I've been there before but my Mom had never been. It is a medical oddity museum.

30th Street Station:

Mutter Museum: (Sorry no pictures allowed inside!)

The train was actually pretty crowded because there must have been a Phillie's Game that day, (dozens of people on the train were wearing Phillie's Jerseys.) it was "train day" at 30th Street Station and there was some regatta on the Schuylkill River.

After the the museum and the train ride back we went to 'On The Border' for Mexican Food. I had beef empanadas and a soft chicken taco. Picture of our yummy sampler appetizer:

We also picked up a box of Cinnabon to take home after 'On The Border'. Mom had never tried a Cinnabon!

Friday afternoon Basil had a trip to the vet. I took him to find out about getting neutered. Basil has been really aggressive with Barley & Fennel. He always wants to attack them, even when I introduce them in a neutral area. A few weeks ago when I had them on the bed trying to introduce them Basil went after Barley and I mistakenly put my hand in the middle. Basil ended up biting me rather badly by accident. (You can click here to read about it.) I won't post a picture on my blog, (there is a picture in that link) but I now have a 1 inch scar on my left palm. Also if you don't wash your hands after handling the little boys, Basil will try to bite you. Basil has never bitten anyone otherwise.

Buttt... since my accident and because he doesn't seem to want to get along with his brothers I took him to find out about getting neutered. If he can't live with his brothers, at least he will be able to live with the girls. I'm hoping he will be able to live with my girls since he will be less territorial and every time I've held Basil in my lap all the girls have come up and sniffed at him and given him love bites. (Never let him play with them though! Not until he's neutered! ). He's my ladies man. He loves to watch the girls run around in the cage! Basil will be getting neutered on May 20th. I took off work for a few vacation days that Thurs, Fri and Monday so I'll be able to be with him after his surgery on the 20th.

Unfortunately.... it's $300.00. I called just about every small animal vet in the area and most did not neuter rats. Only my vet and another more expensive vet did them. But I'm hoping it will help his aggressiveness and that he will be able to live with other rats once it's done and over with! (Though he can't live with the girls until 4 weeks after he's neutered!)

Basil says this to being neutered, lol!

Oh... and I picked up a cute light up Philadelphia key chain while at 30th Street Station on Saturday! Stay tuned to my blog because I'm planning on having another giveaway either in May or June and I'll be giving away the key chain with some other prizes!

  1. Crazy huh? :( My vet also charges a $45 visit no matter what animal it is. I'm putting the $300.00 on my credit card to pay off $50.00 at a time though, I can't afford to pay it all at once.

  2. Sound like you had a great day with mom! Hope he's less aggressive after the surgery! Definitelty don't let him party with the girls until then! :)


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