Basil get's "snip snipped"

A few weeks ago I took Basil to the vet to find out about getting him neutered. May 20th, I dropped Basil off at the vet around 8:30am. I was able to pick him up at 2:30pm. Poor Buddy is now neutered. They used surgical glue on him and he has to take SMZ-TMP antibiotic for 2 weeks. He also has a recheck visit at the vet on May 27th. He won't take his antibiotic in the oral syringe, so I have to mix his medicine in baby food. When I brought him home Thursday night they had given him pain killers, so he had some Strawberry Ensure and then zonked out in his igloo in the cage. (This is his incision if you're squeamish don't click!)

Total vet damages... $334.00. Ouch... (thank you credit card.) at least recheck visits are free. I called just about every vet in the area and only my vet and another more expensive vet did them, so I really had no choice. And because of his aggressiveness towards his brothers, he had to be neutered. In 4 weeks Basil should be able to move in with the girl ratties!

Basil a few weeks ago eating a necco wafer candy. (Ignore the baby food on his tail, hehe!)

P.S. My awesome new bumper sticker! (The middle sticker)

There is also a new page I created on my blog called: My Pet Rats. You can find it in the top right column.

  1. Awww lil Basil got snipped. I hope he's doing ok. Dude you got off good with my dog surgery is anywhere between 2-4 thousand bucks! But what wouldn't we do for love of our pets!

  2. Wow! I know you would think a small animal would be less expensive at the vet- but not true. Buddy is doing okay, he's actually walking around today. So now the countdown is on until he moves in with the girls! ;-)

  3. Basil is some cute! WOW I can't believe how expensive it was to neuter the cute little guy! I'll never complain about my vet's prices again. Oh, how's Basil doing?


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