Help Rescue 300+ Rats!

UPDATE! The Rats have been rescued!

5/25/10 Via Brittney from Star's Rat Rescue: So last night we got home around 12:30AM and where loaded to the roof in our car, the smell was SO bad that our eyes where watering, you could barely breath, the conditions where terrible and I can only imagine how all the rats felt. Staci from Capital City Rat Rescue who also assisted us in this very large rescue took 70 rats last night!


I am re-posting this for one of my good friends; Brittney from Star's Rat Rescue. She runs and operates her rescue in Winner, South Dakota.

Below is a re-post from Brittney on the Rat Chatter Forums.

Breeder who is re-homing 300+ rats, Donation Link-Help Us Help Them!

Yesterday I had an email in my inbox from someone who had sent me a Craigs list ad about some rats needing help. Once I checked out the link I just couldn't believe my eyes "Large Rat Breeding Colony". (shakes head) I went onto read and this is what the ad said

I need to get rid of my rat breeding operation. So if you have a lot of snakes this is a must for you over 350 rats also have frozen rats all must go cages,water bottles,bedding,food everything is here you need.

This is not what I was expecting what so ever, I had thought that it was a couple of rats in need asap. Not the case at all here. I have been in contact with the people through text as that is what they stated on the ad. I have also talked this over with CCRR in NE about this and Staci and her rescue are willing to take in 10 females or 2-3 litters of babies. Which is a huge help and so sweet of her to do as about a year ago we also helped her out when she did a massive rescue of I believe 96+ rats and if anyone can imagine just how overwhelming that must have been for CCRR.

Now the problem is the private party does NOT want to give any of them away for free nor to a rescue. As sadly this is a business to them and they don't want to lose any money. The other problem being if we do decide to take in any of the rats it would almost just be helping the breeder as she would just keep having babies as no one is going to want that many rats. The breeder also stated she wanted $1000 for the live rats. Which is just insane.

Now the question is "What to do". The thing that kills me is no matter what even if we are able to save 30+ rats it would mean the world to those 30 rats. But on the other thought if the breeder still has females as I stated before, this will never end.

So we can use everyone's help right now rather it be suggestions, fostering, adopting or donations! As we do plan to also contact our local shelters, humane society etc. to see about getting more rats out of there.


Update: We are not giving up on the 300+ rats. We have tried and tried and can not get them to go for free or cheaper. Which means we will have to pay to get them out of this situation. Right now we are working on getting all females and babies out of their so that there will not be any breeding going on. Then we can go back and get the males.

I have started a Chip-in link for anyone wanting to help by donating. Just $5 dollars will help save a rats life. Please Click here or below to donate!

Mrs. Rattitude from Rat Chatter is having a fundraiser to help out Star's Rat Rescue! She is donating all proceeds for her Rat Art Digital Pictures to Star's Rat Rescue. If you would like to help out, you will get a fantastic picture of your rat, other animals or even humans! Let's all help Star's Rat Rescue! Please click the link to help out!


Update from Brittney on 5/17/10: Just want to update on our large rescue we are working on right now. As of now the lady has not be willing to work with us at all on selling the rats as they are wanting to sell it all in a whole or in pieces so that the breeding can continue. We are still in contact with them trying to get them to give the rats to us or as many as we can get for $350 and so far she only wants to give us maybe 34-40 rats for that price, which as we all know that is just crazy. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that they decide to work with us. We where also told the prices for the rats individually and for some reason they are playing games right now only wanting to sell the rats with cages and no other way. We even counter offered and still nothing.

I have been working with a friend of mine who also adopted from SRR and she has also tried calling and this breeder is just not willing to work with us. We are told we have til Thursday and then someone is coming to buy everything for $1500, which I know that is very untrue. So right now we are waiting to see if she calls us back and go from there.


UPDATE 5-23-10: THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! We are just overwhelmed with all the help we have been getting, you all rock!! We have talked to the breeder and have a set time to meet them at their house and pick up ALL rats tomorrow evening!! Which means we will be driving a 5 hour 1 way trip tomorrow and bringing back lots of rats!

Please feel free to re-post! Brittney's chip-in donation is until May 28th!

  1. sorry to bug you about this, but i can't find the forum on ratchatter. why haven't they called the police on these women? that kind of terrible treatment has to be illegal no matter what they are breeding, right? just curious. i am outraged at this and i am sure they are furious at the condition the rats were in. donating now....

  2. I believe now that they've rescued the rats they will be calling someone to check out her property to see if what she is doing is illegal and to check the conditions of the animals that weren't rescued. Our forum is here:


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