Tough weekend...

It's been a tough weekend so far. Sage getting ill around 11pm on Friday and passing away 5:30am Saturday. :( I didn't get much sleep that morning after Sage passed. Only about 4 hours. Basil was very quiet all day and was laying next to the towel I had wrapped Sage in when he was ill.

Basil resting near Sage's towel:

My cousin Jessica's 22nd birthday was on Wednesday. We had planned on getting together on Saturday and wanted to spend the day at Peddler's Village, but it was way too windy and cold. Our back up plan was to head to the King of Prussia Mall which is the biggest mall near Philadelphia. I've only been there about 4 times. It's so huge we never really get to see the whole mall.

But first, Jessica came along to help me pick out a new companion for Basil. Basil was very sad and quiet yesterday after Sage passed. I know it's soon but I don't want him to live alone. We went to Petsmart to look at boy rats. They had a wide variety of hooded boys, a white dumbo boy that was so lazy all he did was lay on his back. He was super cute, but way too lazy! They also had hairless rats! Or nakkies as we pet rat people call them! I've always wanted a nakkie!

I believe Basil might be older than I first thought- (he may already be a year old.) So I decided it might be a better idea to get two boys around the same age. I picked a brown hooded boy and I also got one of the nakkie rats. Oh my... nakkie rats are sooo soft, they are like velvet. They are also very very warm blooded! Both boys seem very mellow and friendly and haven't fought with each other.

Please meet Fennel & Barley! Fennel is my brown hooded boy. He is super curious and rambunctious. Barley is my hairless boy. He is very laid back and likes to cuddle and lay on your lap.

Ideally, I would like to be down to 4 girl rats and 2 boy rats. That seems like a good number. Currently I have 6 girls. Ginger is ill and her tumors are getting quite large. I won't be getting anymore girl rats until I am down to at least 3.

Right now Fennel & Barley are separated from Basil. I split the levels of their cage. But Basil was sniffing and climbing the walls of the cage trying to see the boys on the upstairs level!

After the pet store Jessica & I dropped the new boys off at my house. Then we headed to the King of Prussia Mall. We got there around 7pm, so we only had 2 hours before closing. I really wanted to check out the L'Occitane store, it's the only one near me! I was so excited to visit the store and smell some of their other products. I ended up getting a verbena hand lotion and the soap with verbena leaves. I also got a honey & lemon lip gloss.

After shopping, Jessica & I stopped at Starbucks. I finally gave in and tried the dark cherry mocha coffee. I actually loved it. It tastes like a chocolate covered cherry! We also tried their chocolate bloom cupcakes and they are heaven!

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