6 Years!

Thursday, March 18, 2004:

I cannot forget
Refuse to regret
So glad I met you
Take my breath away
Make everyday
Worth all of the pain
I have gone through

Those are lines from another Maroon5 song- "The Sun". It's pretty straightforward really- I'm glad that I got the chance to know you, Sarah.....Well, that's my junk mail. See ya.


Maroon 5's album 'Songs About Jane' was one of the albums F.B. & I listened to back in 2004 when we started our relationship.

(Song Preview Here.)

April 1st, 2004:

I've never seen You
And yet I know You're beautiful
I've never spoken to You
And yet I feel that I can tell You anything
I've only known You for awhile
And yet I trust every word You say
I've never met You
And yet I feel that I've known You all my life
I've never been anywhere close to You
And yet I feel You here with me
I ask myself
Perhaps it's because
I Love You


Sarah: Aw, did you write that last night, or did you write it up after you saw mine? lol. I wrote my poem/thoughts whatever last night before I went to bed. It was one of those times, where I needed to get my thoughts out. When I read your poem, I apply it to you F. Right down to the last line.

F.B: I'm glad you like it. I actually wrote that 2 nights ago but I wasn't sure of posting it cuz you might think I'm some psycho freak. LoL!

Sarah: I think you're the opposite of a psycho freak. You're just a freak. I'm kidding, kidding F! And I think I do love ya.

F.B: WOW! Ya think?.....I know I love ya, Sarah.

Sarah: Well, I guess I say I 'think' I love you. Because, the way I grew up, love was like- two neighbors or friends, falling in love and getting married. And that's what I thought would happen to me. But I don't know... maybe that's not what God has planned. I've never met you F. I've never seen your interactions, or expressions, looked into your eyes, or even heard your voice. But I do know your personality, thoughts, emotion's, and heart. And I know I love you when it comes to that. Ack... holy crap. I said those three little words! Love you much.

F.B.: Gotta go now, Sarah. Good night. I love you too.

Sarah: By the way, you do realize it's April Fools day? Are we a couple of fools? LOL! Take care, sweet dreams. I love you.

F.B: Fools in love.....perhaps. LoL! Love you.

Six years ago today F.B. & I took a huge risk. April 1st, 2004 was the 1st time we told each other "I love you." The day we defined our relationship. This is a big step for any relationship, but our relationship was a little different. We had never seen each other in person or spoken to each other on the phone when we took that risk. We met each other online in Sept/Oct 2003. We weren't looking for a relationship, it just sort of happened... and 6 years later here we are, married working on our immigration process and working towards being together in one place for good!

To read our story see: The Beginning. (Click Newer Posts at the bottom to work your way up.)

This video below was from our wedding reception. We had a giveaway at the reception. Whoever guessed the date we started our relationship, won the prize. No one outright guessed it was April Fools Day! (The closest guess won.) F.B. and I crack up because in the video his uncle comes running up to our table and you can hear him say, "April 1?!" like he can't believe it was on April Fools Day! Heehee!

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