Jennifer Weiner's Books

I devour books. It started when I was about 3-4 years old and couldn't sleep at night. My parents would give me a stack of Golden Books and tell me to read until I felt sleepy. I still read every night and I read even more on the weekend. I own a lot of books as evidenced by my brand new bookshelf. (You can view some of my library collection on

I mostly tend to read historical fiction or non fiction. Anything about the Tudor Dynasty, I probably own. Fiction & Non Fiction! But I also like regular fiction. I'm always looking for a new book to read. I've been taking out around 5-7 books from the library every 3 weeks or so. I actually have to pick up some books on Thursday from the library!

Last summer when I was looking for some new authors to read, my cousins told me about Jennifer Weiner, I've taken every one of her books out that my library has. They are just really well written, funny and not too tacky or sappy for chick-lit. Plus most of her books take place in Philadelphia. And I'm a Philly girl! :-D

I thought I'd share with you all my favorites of her books!

Good in Bed

This was the first book of Jennifer Weiner's I read and I really loved it. Plus since Cannie is actually a real girl struggling with her weight, body image, etc it makes it more relatable. You really want to root her on in the book throughout her struggles and trumphs!

Certain Girls

This is the sequel to Good in Bed. I really like this one, because the story is told from the perspective of Cannie and also of her 12 year old daughter Joy. The ending though... I won't ruin- but it definitely shocked me and wasn't what I expected.

3. Best Friends Forever

I bought this when I was in the Philippines this past year. I really like the descriptions/details in the story. And how different Addie & Valerie are.

4. In Her Shoes

I really want to buy this one. I'm taking it out of the library again this week. I also heard it was made into a movie- but the movie wasn't anything like the book and wasn't so good. The book is really good. The two sisters couldn't be more different from each other, but they really do need each other.

I definitely recommend Jennifer Weiner's books if you're looking for a new book to read! Or if you have read some of her books, which is your favorite?

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