Sunday, February 14, 2010

Special Kind of Love...

The day after F.B. & I were married we were in the parking garage at Robinson's Galleria. He was calling me "Poopsie Pie" & "Sweet-ems", "Snookums" to annoy me & I simply answered, "Dickhead." He says, "We've been married 1 whole day & already you're calling me a dickhead?!" Haha! Yes, I'm a bad wife.

F.B. said to me a few weeks after we were married. "You must be allergic to being married to me. You've been sick since the wedding & you're getting peely skin now where you wear your wedding band!"

Sarah Lynn: I miss you
FB: I miss you too
Sarah Lynn: I still don't take my wedding band off
Sarah Lynn: don't worry I'm not allergic to being married to you anymore
Sarah Lynn: I don't get peely skin there anymore lol!
FB: I haven't worn mine since you left....just kidding. LoL!
Sarah Lynn: you're terrible, LOL
Sarah Lynn: and on valentines day too!
FB: haha
FB: oops, I forgot LoL!
Sarah Lynn: tsk tsk... you better be wearing it at the mall right now!
FB: hmmm
FB: haha! of course I'm wearing it baby
FB: I just take it off at night when I go to sleep. haha
Sarah Lynn: I know
Sarah Lynn: hehe

I have weird nightmares where I literally start screaming in my sleep sometimes. F.B. has experienced this quite a few times... the one time he said I sat up, was screaming and saying "Where am I?" And then when I went to lay back down I smacked him real hard above his brow bone with my elbow! I actually left a bruise! We have photographic proof!

This past trip, I had a lot of those scream-mares again. I don't even know I'm doing it. In the morning, I have a small recollection, and I'll say to F, "Did I scream last night?" Right before I left I had one and he said I woke him up screaming and I would just scream more when he would try to put his arm around me. So he kinda moved over and braced himself hoping I wouldn't hit him in my sleep again. Then he said he couldn't get back to sleep because his heart was pounding, lol. My poor husband!

Sarah Lynn: I miss sleeping with you, Mr. Snore.
FB: I miss that too baby
Sarah Lynn: oh wait... I'm, Miss scream. Hahaha!
FB: I know
Sarah Lynn: I'm sorry, my mom said I should buy you ear plugs and a ski mask
Sarah Lynn: so you'll be protected from me when I have my scream-mares haha!
FB: LoL!
Sarah Lynn: well I did hit you that time and didn't know it, and you said it hurt so bad you wanted to cry lol!
FB: You didn't know it eh...ok... LoL!
Sarah Lynn: I didn't, lol!
Sarah Lynn: I thought you were teasing me, until I saw the bruise, lol
FB: ok baby, I believe you. haha
Sarah Lynn: haha, I'm an abusive wife, I beat you up
Sarah Lynn: and call you dickhead
Sarah Lynn: and give you the finger
Sarah Lynn: why did you marry me again? LOL
FB: cuz you'd beat me up more if I didn't. LoL!
Sarah Lynn: Ohhhhh lol!
Sarah Lynn: I never beat you up- liar
Sarah Lynn: I just tickled you a hell of a lot though
Sarah Lynn: so much you have no tickles left lol!
FB: I know. haha!

(This is true... F.B. & I used to have tickle wars. I tickled him one too many times under his arms and he's not ticklish there anymore! Darn!)

As you can tell F.B & I are a couple of dorks, hehe. I think that's why we get along so well. We both have weird warped senses of humor. We're always joking around with each other and we laugh a lot. ♥♥♥ He's my best friend. ♥♥♥
♥♥♥ Happy Valentines Baby, I miss you and I love you! ♥♥♥

Hopefully by next year... we'll be celebrating Valentines Day in the same place!

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