Special Kind of Love...

The day after F.B. & I were married we were in the parking garage at Robinson's Galleria. He was calling me "Poopsie Pie" & "Sweet-ems", "Snookums" to annoy me & I simply answered, "Dickhead." He says, "We've been married 1 whole day & already you're calling me a dickhead?!" Haha! Yes, I'm a bad wife.

F.B. said to me a few weeks after we were married. "You must be allergic to being married to me. You've been sick since the wedding & you're getting peely skin now where you wear your wedding band!"

Sarah Lynn: I miss you
FB: I miss you too
Sarah Lynn: I still don't take my wedding band off
Sarah Lynn: don't worry I'm not allergic to being married to you anymore
Sarah Lynn: I don't get peely skin there anymore lol!
FB: I haven't worn mine since you left....just kidding. LoL!
Sarah Lynn: you're terrible, LOL
Sarah Lynn: and on valentines day too!
FB: haha
FB: oops, I forgot LoL!
Sarah Lynn: tsk tsk... you better be wearing it at the mall right now!
FB: hmmm
FB: haha! of course I'm wearing it baby
FB: I just take it off at night when I go to sleep. haha
Sarah Lynn: I know
Sarah Lynn: hehe

I have weird nightmares where I literally start screaming in my sleep sometimes. F.B. has experienced this quite a few times... the one time he said I sat up, was screaming and saying "Where am I?" And then when I went to lay back down I smacked him real hard above his brow bone with my elbow! I actually left a bruise! We have photographic proof!

This past trip, I had a lot of those scream-mares again. I don't even know I'm doing it. In the morning, I have a small recollection, and I'll say to F, "Did I scream last night?" Right before I left I had one and he said I woke him up screaming and I would just scream more when he would try to put his arm around me. So he kinda moved over and braced himself hoping I wouldn't hit him in my sleep again. Then he said he couldn't get back to sleep because his heart was pounding, lol. My poor husband!

Sarah Lynn: I miss sleeping with you, Mr. Snore.
FB: I miss that too baby
Sarah Lynn: oh wait... I'm, Miss scream. Hahaha!
FB: I know
Sarah Lynn: I'm sorry, my mom said I should buy you ear plugs and a ski mask
Sarah Lynn: so you'll be protected from me when I have my scream-mares haha!
FB: LoL!
Sarah Lynn: well I did hit you that time and didn't know it, and you said it hurt so bad you wanted to cry lol!
FB: You didn't know it eh...ok... LoL!
Sarah Lynn: I didn't, lol!
Sarah Lynn: I thought you were teasing me, until I saw the bruise, lol
FB: ok baby, I believe you. haha
Sarah Lynn: haha, I'm an abusive wife, I beat you up
Sarah Lynn: and call you dickhead
Sarah Lynn: and give you the finger
Sarah Lynn: why did you marry me again? LOL
FB: cuz you'd beat me up more if I didn't. LoL!
Sarah Lynn: Ohhhhh lol!
Sarah Lynn: I never beat you up- liar
Sarah Lynn: I just tickled you a hell of a lot though
Sarah Lynn: so much you have no tickles left lol!
FB: I know. haha!

(This is true... F.B. & I used to have tickle wars. I tickled him one too many times under his arms and he's not ticklish there anymore! Darn!)

As you can tell F.B & I are a couple of dorks, hehe. I think that's why we get along so well. We both have weird warped senses of humor. We're always joking around with each other and we laugh a lot. ♥♥♥ He's my best friend. ♥♥♥
♥♥♥ Happy Valentines Baby, I miss you and I love you! ♥♥♥

Hopefully by next year... we'll be celebrating Valentines Day in the same place!

  1. Haha. Those are some weird pics, especially of me. Wow! LoL! Happy Valentines day. I love you.

  2. And that is how you will have a long happy marriage. Keep each other laughing.

  3. You guys are SO CUTE! My parents are married 37 years and until this day they keep each other laughing! Always stay this way!

  4. Aw, such a sweet Valentines Day post! Many happy Valentines for years to come you two!

  5. You're so dangerous when you sleep!!! You made me laugh, that was funny!


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