Nutmeg: Dec 2008-Feb 2010

I can't even think straight right now... I came home from work and found Nutmeg slumped in the cage, she seemed to be paralyzed on her left side. When you touched her belly or sides she was in pain and actually bit me twice. I called the vet and made an appointment, she started to deteriorate really fast, she became limp, she started gasping for breath. My brother said we should just drive over to the vet right away since it was an emergency. The doctor wasn't even at the vet yet... Nutmeg suffered for an hour with fluid coming out of her mouth and nose before she passed away at the vet before the doctor could come to put her to sleep. We brought her home and buried her. This is like a nightmare... I already lost my Cinnamon not even a week ago yet. I know Cinnamon was older but Nutmeg was just over a year old...

She's been funny since I got back, timid, scared, not herself at all. She was normally my little spaz. She loved to roll around the house in her Super Pet ball. She was the only one that loved it. I thought maybe it was because I had been in the Philippines for so long and that was why she wasn't acting like herself... but now I think she was ill. Maybe she had a tumor in her belly? I'm not even sure.... I just wasn't expecting this, it's too much for me right now... my sweet dumbo girl....

  1. Sorry to read of Nutmeg's passing, it was so unexpected.


  2. Oh, Sarah Lynn, I'm so sorry for the unexpected loss of Nutmeg. :( Your shock is palpable. I hope you remember her as the sweet, dumbo girl and not as she was at the end. You're in my thoughts.*hugs*

  3. OMG Sweetie! I am so very very sorry for your loss. I can't believe it. Hugs!

  4. Oh Sarah, I am so sorry. I know how much you loved her.


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