Shopping & Parties!

Today I had to go out to run errands for trip items. I had $160 advance cash from my Citibank credit card to get stuff with. (I'm not working right now, sad... I'm on unemployment.) Anyhow, I went to the $1 Tree, Wal-mart & Ross. I got a ton of little items for the trip, batteries, sleeping pills, mini travel toothbrush (with the toothpaste already on it! I got a pack of 4 for $1.49.), tissues, razors, lint roller, face powder, quart size baggies, pepto, vitamin c, a new hair brush, wet wipes, etc. I got more than that because I also picked up some Christmas gifts, Birthday gifts, a card and gift bag for my cousin's wedding on Saturday. And household items, paper towels, etc.

My favorite store of the day was Ross. I always find good deals there. Especially on luggage. A month ago or so I picked up a medium suitcase at Ross from American Flyer for $34.00 (Retailed $70!) It was extremely light weight for a roll away suitcase. After lugging my large purple suitcase out of the closet last week, I decided I was going back to Ross and get one of the newer light weight suitcases. Most of the new luggage is being made lighter now because the airline's luggage rules have changed.

What color luggage do you use when you travel? I always try to get bold patterns or bright colors because it makes finding your luggage easier at the airport. I also always tie a bright colored ribbon onto my suitcases besides luggage tags to help identify mine more quickly! You can't imagine how many people have plain black luggage- my 1st suitcase was black & it makes it really hard to spot in baggage claim!

I found a nice large mauve suitcase at Ross for $54.00 from designer Oleg Cassini that retailed for $140.00 before! Can't beat that! I also got a pair of boot cut Levi's for $14, a cute Bongo tote bag with zipper for $8. And some panties for about $1-2 each. The hoodie, that was a bit of a splurge. It was $19, from BCBG (Retailed $52!) But I like the color of it, with the little rhinestone embellishments on the pockets & the foil logo on the back.

(Shhh... I'll pretend you guys didn't just see my underwear... lol!)

October 30th, was my cousin Chrissy's surprise bachelorette party. Most everyone had a halloween costume on. (Well, I wore my skull hoodie, haha!) There is a slideshow below with pictures from the party.

  1. Great finds at Ross! I wish there was one in NYC! There was jsut a piece on our local news about luggage and how people should buy these colored bags that stand out so they are easy to spot. Apparently a couple in LA was stealing bags from the airport and selling the items. Just crazy!

    The Bachlorette party look like so much fun!

  2. Yay for shopping! I need to go, but I just don't have the time. I'll live vicariously through you, Sarah Lynn!

    And congrats to the Bride-To-Be! I'm sure the party was totally fun. :)

  3. thanks again for stopping by my blog! u got some awesome deals. the bcbg hoodie and luggage were such a steal!

    unfortunately, all my luggage are black, but when we travel, we also tie bright or patterned ribbons. have u seen the betsey johnson luggage line? some patterns are a bit too crazy for me, but it's hard to miss in the baggage claim;) looks like u had a great time at the bachelorette party! thanks for sharing!:)

  4. It's nice you got some new stuff, and you took pics of your undies too eh...Interesting. LoL!


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