My Wedding Accessories

Well, I'm leaving for the Philippines next Tuesday. And then it's just a little over a month until our wedding on December 19th!

I thought I would share what I'm wearing and my wedding accessories with everyone. If you've read this entry "You're Not Having A Wedding?" I showed off some of my wedding accessories and talked about the ceremony itself, etc. We are having a civil ceremony on December 19th, so we will be married by a judge at the Manila Hotel. Later in the evening we will have our wedding dinner. We just wanted a very simple wedding ceremony. I've never wanted a large wedding or wanted to wear the traditional wedding gown, etc. That's not me and that's not really F.B. either. So that's why we are having the small civil ceremony.

F.B. will be wearing the traditional Philippine Barong. I'm just going to wear a simple black skirt and a purple lace tank top. It's what I feel comfortable in. I hate wearing dresses. Actually I have pictures of me wearing the same outfit from my cousin Heather's wedding. So I will be wearing this outfit at my wedding:

Honestly, I only own TWO skirts, lol. I am not a dressy skirt wearing kind of girl at all! I'm the t-shirt and jeans girl, so F.B. is lucky I'm wearing a skirt for our wedding! I love my skirt though, it's got two layers, the top is sheer and swirly and I love it. It stops right below my knees.

My wedding jewelry will be Philippine freshwater pearl bracelet & earrings. And my gorgeous Swarovski pearl drop necklace from KYM Jewelry

I can't wear heels around F.B. hehe. He's 5'3" and I'm 5'6". Normally when we stand side by side there's not much of a difference but if I put on some 2 inch heels there will be, since I'm already 3 inches taller, haha! So I will be wearing a pair of silver dressy sandals for my wedding. I'm going to wear a light pink nail polish.

Here we are side by side at Baguio Philippines, awful pic, haha!

Also in case it gets cold in the hotel with the aircon, (air conditioner is called an aircon in the Phil!) I ordered a purple Pashmina shawl. I didn't know they were made of goat fur! Ack! I like goats too! Haha! It's soooo soft though!

I also got a dressy silver beaded evening bag for the wedding:

And last but not least, our wedding rings! F.B.'s is on the left & mine is on the right! They are Titanium.

I will be changing my name too. F.B. said to me once, "When we get married you'll be Sarah Lynn Clydesdale-Bernardo." And I said. "No way! I'm dropping Clydesdale!" Seriously Clydesdale may be unique, but hyphanating it would just be too long.


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