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Patty from 'Discovering Me' awarded several of her favorite blogs with the 'Your Blog Is Fabulous' award! Thanks so much, I love reading your blog! I wanted to pass along the award to some of my favorite blogs that I follow!
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This past week has been pretty busy for me! Thursday night I got together with my cousins Christina & Jessica. We watched Chrissy's wedding on DVD. We went out to The Olive Garden for dinner. I had the Parmesan Crusted Tilapia which came with veggies & a light pasta. It was the first time I've tried Tilapia. It was really yummy! Salmon is still my favorite though! I also had a glass of White Zinfandel, my favorite wine.

Friday it was my "Christmas/Thanksgiving" with my family, since I'll be away for the holidays this year. I took my parents & 3 brothers out to the Chinese Buffet for lunch. Later we exchanged gifts. I got my Dad Baconnaise! Haha! I also got him some of the flavored salts. And as a joke gift from the same place, I got my brothers Bacon Lip Balm. Yes you read correct! I got the new Kutless worship album 'It Is Well' among other gifts. My Mom also gave me a garter & a bracelet of hers with little blue hearts to wear at my wedding.

Sunday I have to go out and stock up on pet food & pet supplies before I leave. Also stopping to see my Nana around 7pm. Monday is going to be so crazy. I'm going to have to get to sleep by 5-6pm, because I'm getting up around 2am and I'll have to be at the airport by 3am... yuck! It's a few days before Thanksgiving too, so I'm sure there will be holiday traffic.

My flight from Philadelphia leaves around 6am. (My trip itinerary). I'll arrive in the Philippines November 25 around 10:30pm. I'll be stopping in Chicago from Philadelphia and then Chicago to Tokyo, Japan. (I've never been to that airport, so I'm a bit nervous!) From Tokyo, I'll be flying to the Philippines. All in all about 24 hours worth of traveling... my longest flight will be about 13 hours long- from Chicago to Tokyo.

I'm taking my laptop and I will be blogging from the Philippines like I did last time. To read adventures from my past 3 trips to the Philippines you can click below. (It starts with the most recent & works it's way back.) I'll be labeling all of this coming trip under the same category as well!

From The Philippines

  1. Don't worry, Narita is a nice airport! I actually just stayed up before my flight to Japan (left the house around 3am, I think) and I think it helped! Then I pretty much had to sleep on the plane, hehe.

    Hope your travel goes smoothly!

  2. Hope your trip went well and arrive safely! xoxo!


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