Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just about a week!

Next Monday I'll be off to the Philippines! There's just 9 days left until I leave now! I really was going to pack next weekend, but I decided to start packing the stuff I'm not wearing. So I spent the morning packing. Next weekend, I'll just have to wash and pack the clothes I will wear this week and pack all the miscellaneous last minute stuff. Decided not to take my bright purple suitcase because it's not going to be big enough and I don't really want to take two bags with all the new luggage rules at the airport. So I'm taking my huge black suitcase with wheels and a smaller suitcase with wheels for my carry on. (Since I'm taking the laptop this year!) And that will be it, besides my purse.

I visited my Nana last night. She wanted to see me before I went away for 2 months. So I got to share with her my trip pictures from January. And I brought the rats as a surprise. She's seen pictures of them but she hasn't met them. I thought she might be freaked out that I brought rats to her house, but instead she said, "Ohhh! You brought the rats!" And she pet each one on their head and even said their tails were cute. (My Mom cannot stand rat tails, haha!)

Afterwards my brother & I stopped at Starbucks to get hot white chocolate mocha's, yum! It's been getting colder now and the leaves are starting to change color. But in just a week I'll be seeing palm trees again and wearing sandals! And getting to be with my boy! Also can't wait to eat at my favorite places again. Gerry's Grill & Chow King and Saisaki Buffet! Yay! I'm excited!

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