34 Days....

Happy Labor Day everyone! Hope everyone had a nice holiday. Just 34 days until I am off to the Philippines. Wow... just a little over 4 more weeks to go! I still have to get things straightened out with work. I submitted my vacation request, still waiting for it to be approved. I wish they would just furlough us... it's been a long season. I've never worked past Labor Day before... only when hurricane Katrina hit. And that was only because FEMA needed extra people on the phones, so work asked employees that were furloughed to come back to work for that. I'm only seasonal, so it's surprising to be working this long in the year. I am usually furloughed in August and go back to work in January.

Anyhow... I have to pick up last minute items. Snacks for the plane, batteries, aspirin, sleeping pills, stuff like that. Mostly just stuff for my carry on. I'll probably pack that Friday night before I leave. F.B. & I want to visit the zoo and the aquarium when I'm there this time. That will be something new & fun to do. And of course we get to spend 5 days in Makati City again.

I was really sick last week. I had a nasty head cold which ended up aggravating my asthma. My asthma was worse when I was younger. Now it only seems to bother me in extreme heat/cold or when I get a bad cold. I wasn't able to breathe right last week and my lungs were hurting because of the head/stomach virus. I ended up staying home from work last Tuesday & Wednesday.

My parents & 2 younger brothers went down to the shore for the week. I have to work this week, so my 20 year old brother & I have just been home. I've been being "domestic". Lol. Sunday I spent the day scrubbing, mopping & cleaning the kitchen & bathroom. Also baked some chocolate chip cookies & made some rice crispy squares. I can cook & bake when I try. Hehe. I woke up this morning aching all over though from all the cleaning I did on Sunday. Ow.

My 26th birthday is Thursday. I have to work. Blech. But I'm going to pick up Starbucks after work! I've been trying to cut back on Starbucks. I used to go every Friday. But that was becoming expensive. So I finally decided to break myself of that habit by saying I wouldn't have any until my birthday. After that I'm only going to have Starbucks once a month. There's also a lovely little chocolate carvel ice cream cake waiting in the freezer for Thursday, haha. And my brother is going to take me out to the Chinese buffet for lunch this Saturday.

I didn't really ask for much for my birthday this year. (Last year because it was my 25th my parents gave me an 80GB Video Ipod. Whoo!) This year I received the game Scattergories; which I asked for so F.B. & I can play together when I'm in the Philippines. Our other favorite game is Scrabble! I'm a word game kind of girl. If any of you guys have a video ipod download the game Scrabble from Itunes... so addictive! The best game for ipod, ever!

F.B. will be also be calling me on my birthday. Yay! So looks like I will have a nice birthday. I just wish I didn't have to work... yuck. What sucks is... I was actually scheduled off all this week... but because we are not being furloughed any time soon and I have an 8 week trip coming up they want me to save my vacation time for my trip... so I have to work. Blah. I've only got enough leave saved up for 4 weeks. After that they want me to take leave without pay... yay... oh well... just 34 more days left until I get to be with my boy!!!!

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