Thursday, September 4, 2008


Well, I am 26 years old today. I was actually able to take off work for my birthday. I realized when I'm on vacation using my vacation leave I will still get 2 more paychecks and will accrue 12 more hours of vacation leave. So that allowed me to take today off. I was already scheduled off for the whole week so I was able to sleep in today until 12pm. Yay! I am always up at 5:30am on workdays.

Just spent a quiet day at home. My parents called from the shore to wish me a happy birthday. And F.B. called me and we chatted for 20 min. Then we got to spend time online with each other for a few hours. Saturday I'm going out with the family for a "birthday" lunch. And next weekend I get to go out with my cousins for a "birthday" dinner. Back to work tomorrow... but thank goodness the weekend is here!

The ratties really enjoyed the ice cream cake I had for my birthday. Here's some pictures:

P.S. I found out yesterday Fall Out Boy's new album is coming out November! Whoo hoo! I saw them in concert last October. They are so good live! The new single 'I don't care' is good too. I hope it's out in the Philippines when I'm over there so I can buy it! They are my favorite band. :-)

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