Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day At The Park.

Went to the park today and took the ratties. It was sunny & around 82 degrees. Walked around for about 2 hours and took lots of pictures! Here's some pictures from today:

You can check out all the photos from today here!

In other news my new treadmill should be arriving sometime next Thursday. So I'll have a fun weekend putting that together! I really miss my treadmill! I think it breaking & having to buy a new one is going to make me commit to working out full time again. I needed that push. I also am getting my star tattoos re-touched again Saturday. Still not completely satisfied with the color.

Staying home for the 4th of July with the family for a picnic. My Dad is going to use the barbecue sauces I got him for Father's Day. I ordered him: Bone Suckin' Sauce, Fat Bastard Hickory Smoke Sauce & Fat Boy Steak Rub from the Barbecue Store Hehe! They even send you mints with your order & they replaced one of the sauces that leaked during shipping free of charge! I'm meeting up with F.B. for a "date" online tomorrow afternoon and I'm back to work on Monday. I took off a week. Paid Vacation. I needed a "Mental Health Week". Thank God for Government Jobs. Happy Early 4th of July to everyone!

P.S. Did anyone hear they are closing 600 Starbucks stores in the USA?! Noooo! I hope none of the ones near me close. I love my drive thru one. And I need my Friday Starbucks Fix. I LOVE White Chocolate Mocha Frappucinos! Yummy! I got addicted to Starbucks when I was in the Philippines. Heehee!

(Me at Starbucks in Mall of Asia- Manila Philippines.)

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