Car Trouble.

Wednesday afternoon driving home from work my battery light came home. My Dad has been a mechanic and done auto body for years. So he checked out the car. It wasn't the battery he thought it might be the alternator. (I own a 1993 Chevrolet Geo Prizm.) So Thursday morning when I woke up for work the car was completely dead. I own a jump box, so I jumped the car & got it started. Stopped at Wawa for coffee. Had to jump the car again... and it was raining out.

When I left work my co-worker Ike came out with me to make sure my car would start. I had to jump it again to get it started. Then as I was saying goodbye to him the car idled out again and died. So I called my Dad and he said if I could put the jump box on the battery and somehow bungee cord the front hood down I could drive home that way. Didn't have any bungee cords in my trunk so Ike tied my hood down tight with a plastic bag. Then he followed me home from work to make sure I made it. When I was right near my house the battery finally completely died. No flashers, no turn signal lights. I was driving solely on the power of the jump box. It was pretty scary. Finally got the car up the driveway and made it home. And waved to Ike to thank him for following me home.

So Dad went with me to the auto store because he was pretty sure it was the alternator. That cost a nice price of $160. Took off work on Friday so my Dad could work on the car. Now it's running perfect again. Infact... it runs quieter now! Last week my air conditioning went and I needed Freon. This week the alternator went. Sheesh. Though I do love my car, it is extremely good on gas! A full tank lasts me 2 weeks! And with the way gas prices are right now I wouldn't trade my car for anything!

BTW: Everyone that drives should own a jump start box. It is great for emergencies! I always keep mine in the trunk. This is the jump start box I own. Inexpensive & very easy to operate. Also it's much safer then asking strangers for a jump when your car battery is dead.

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