Fat @$$

Hmmm.... those 8-10 pounds that I've been trying to run off... I think I've given new meaning to the term "Fat @$$". I got on the treadmill to run tonight and not even a minute into running my treadmill decided it had had enough and broke. The plywood or whatever kind of wood the platform is made of underneath the belt split completely down the middle. So now I can't even run this week because it's busted. Trash. I was being lazy all last week and I decided since I had a full paid vacation week off from work I would work my lazy @$$ out the whole week. But my 5 year old treadmill had other plans...

So after crying about it... I went on Walmart.com and order a new treadmill for $298.00 because living without a means to run & work out is like not breathing to me. Now I'm in even more credit card debt. I want to puke. Blah. I guess this was God's way of telling me I should be getting my butt on that treadmill and working out steadily instead of saying, "Oh I'll rest this week..." or "I don't feel like it tonight." And it's not like I can run around my neighborhood... there's just highway & no sidewalks. I need my treadmill fix... there's only 3 more months until my trip to the Philippines and I need to get in shape.

What the heck am I going to do with myself this week??? I think I need to go to the park tomorrow and walk or else I'm going to go crazy in this house all week long. I was going to go shopping tomorrow but since I just jacked up my credit card that option is out. I've already spent Sunday & Monday in my bedroom feeling depressed... I've just felt really "blah" this week...

  1. Sorry for the "blah" week. That is never good. I know about those few pounds that linger and should be getting rid of. Unlike you though, I am not doing anythin about it so I have only myself to blame. YAY for a new treadmill though. Definitely get outside and do something. A walk is sure to lift your spirits a little.


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