My Nail & Hand Care Favorites!

My good blogging buddy Kirby and I were recently talking about our doing posts on our favorite handcare products, so today I wanted to share some of my nail and hand care favorites, (and routine) with all of you today. These are all products I regularly use, (obviously not all at once!), and have purchased myself. 

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One thing I do a few times a week, especially before a swatching session- is I wash my hands with a sugar scrub to exfoliate. I really love KB Shimmer's sugar scrubs. I like the Lilac, and Relaxation scents. I also use Fortune Cookie Soap Polyjuice Potion sugar scrub which has a nice orange citrus, sugar sweet scent.

Once a week at the most, I will soak my hands with Forever Polished Mani Bombs. She sells them in all sorts of scents. (You can read my review on them here). 15 minutes of soaking, while watching Netflix, and my hands are nice and moisturized for the week. 

These are my main manicure tools. Sally Hansen Clip 'n Catch Nail Clippers, and a Revlon metal nail file. This has been my favorite type of nail file for many years. They last for years before they start to go dull, this is only my 2nd file. I like how I can clean under my nails with the pointy tip. 

I use Blue Cross Cuticle Remover once, every 2-3 weeks. I dab a little on my cuticles with a q-tip. Wait about 3 minutes, and then use my fingernail to gently push the dead cuticle skin away off my nail bed. (You can also use an orange stick or cuticle pusher). Make sure you wash your hands well after using this. (Another good tip- this removes bad staining from nail polish off your nails!)

These are the three nail treatments I use, (they are like vitamins for your nails). I don't use them all the time, and I sometimes vary which one I do use. Usually I will use one, wear it 1-2 weeks (they can be worn under nail polish), and then give my nails a rest. Lately one of my nails has started peeling again, (my fault, because I didn't use a thick enough coat of glitter removal base),  so I'm back to using the OPI Nail Envy, I buy the one for brittle and dry nails, though they are other kinds.

The mini bottle of Qtica Nail Growth Simulator I received in my Zoya Mystery Bag. The Sparitual Protein Boost Treatment is similar to the OPI Nail Envy.

Hand Lotions! I have about a gazillon different kinds, but I use these ones the most. L'Occitane Verbena hand lotion. This huge bottle pretty much lasts me a whole year, it's so worth it. It smells like amazing lime verbena. The L'Occitane 100% Shea Butter I put on my cuticles at night before bed. (Not even going to lie, I usually get the shea butter small tin for $5 on eBay!) 

Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Aloe. Gosh I love this stuff! It has a clean fresh scent, completely moisturizes your skin, and doesn't leave a greasy feeling. I get the small travel size at my Walmart in the travel/sample aisle for about $1.00. I always keep this in my purse.

The OPI AvoJuice Skin Quencher lotions I just discovered! My favorite is the mango. A fresh fruity, but not fake scent. This also absorbs completely and doesn't leave a greasy after feeling.

During the winter I need a really rich lotion for my hands. My favorite are these solid lotions from The Pig & The Peacock on Etsy. I put it on my hands before I go to sleep. If you don't see a scent you like listed, you can request a custom batch. Lemongrass Eucalyptus was one of their soap scents that I loved. (If you buy a custom batch, you have to buy all 4 in that batch, it's usually $15). These solid lotions are super rich and creamy. As you can see from the used one, I use mine like a balm, instead of taking the whole thing out of the container. I only have one left, so I need to buy more soon!

I am so addicted to these Indigo Banana cuticle balms. They are sold in full and mini size, and a bunch of different scents. They absorb with a powdery after feel, and some of them are also lip safe, so you can use them as lip balm too. I always have one of these in my purse. The scents I've tried are: Lemon (not pictured, I used it all up!), Cocoa, Peppermint, Macaroon, Strawberry Mint, Coffee, Grapefruit, Eucalyptus. 

Also like these cuticle balm sticks from Reverie Lacquer. I love the Sea Breeze scent, I also got Peppermint Patty. The Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab is pretty good. It has a light floral scent, it's a gel liquid when you squeeze it out onto the built in brush. 

I usually use my cuticle oil, before & after swatching polish (especially after using acetone), and at night. My stand by has been the CND Solar Oil. What I do, is buy 2 of the mini's for $2 on eBay and refill my bottle for cheaper than buying a new large bottle retail, mwahaha! The solar oil has a sweet almond scent.

I just got the Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil! I received a sample in the mail awhile ago, and it smells so good! So nice and fruity, I couldn't stop huffing my fingers, hehe. Plus, I love that you get more oil than the CND one. I think of the two oils though, the CND has less ingredients, and more all natural ingredients.

KB Shimmer Cuticle Oil Pen. Love, love, love this! Great to pop in my purse. I usually buy two at a time. The Lemongrass scent is my favorite. It smells like lemon candies with a sweet sugary scent. She has a lot more scents now, so I can't wait to try some of the new ones! 

Thanks for sticking along through this long post! Do you use any of the products I talked about? What is your favorite nail and hand care products?

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