Bumblesoaps Haul!

Please note: Bumblesoaps is now closed until the end of January, due to the owner moving.

My addiction to Bumblesoaps continues! I wanted to share some more products I've gotten recently, with all of you.

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When I was sick around Thanksgiving I really regretted not having a Vicks Bath Bomb, and a Peppermint Bath Truffle. So I made sure to order some this time around. I haven't tried them yet, but they smell really great. (Yes, Vicks smells exactly like Vick's Vapo Rub). I also picked up Chocolate Espresso handmade soap. It smells amazing, and I really love how the soaps come packaged.

This is Dead Sea Clay facial soap. It's moisturizing for dry skin, and it also smells slightly citrus-y. I am loving the facial soaps. I need to order more of them. The thing I love the most is your skin doesn't feel tight after washing, like it may with some soaps. 

In the background is the Charcoal Facial Soap. (I forgot to photograph all of these before using them again). :-p The charcoal facial soap is good for acne. I've been alternating between both of the facial soaps, since the charcoal one can be drying. 

In the front is the Shampoo Bars. Hedonic Tonic scent is on the left, (Fortune Cookie Soap Polyjuice Potion dupe), and Rose Jelly (Lush Rose Jam dupe), is on the right. The Rose Jelly one was upside down in the soap dish, so that's why it has that weird mark. I really like these shampoo bars! The scent lingers in your hair awhile. Some people say there's an adjustment period when you switch to all natural soaps, but I haven't had any issues. My hair is really fine, and gets oily fast- but these shampoo bars have been great. They leave my hair squeaky clean, and not oily. My only complaint is I wish there was matching conditioner.

Again, I cannot get enough of these whipped soaps! I need to stock up when Bumblesoaps re-opens in the new year. They are light and fluffy and incredibly moisturizing. They also work great as a shaving cream. The whipped soaps leave your skin super super soft. The peppermint scent is amazing! It also leaves you with this cold tingly feeling before you rinse off, because of the peppermint oil in it. If you haven't used any type of peppermint soap before that might weird you out at first, but I'm used to it. :)

I got the body mist in Hedonic Tonic scent. I love it! A spritz or two of this after I get dressed and scent lingers all day. I definitely need one of these in the Rose Jelly scent. :)

The solid lotion bars are out of this world. The Hedonic Tonic scent is super concentrated. (Hedonic Tonic smells like orange, strawberry, apple and grapes; sprinkled with shaved coconut. The citrus is prominent). I use the Peppermint scent mainly for my feet. I've always had a few dry patchy white spots on the bottom of my feet that just don't go away with regular lotion. This stuff... is magic! Since I've been using this every night, those weird dry patchy spots have pretty much disappeared! (Which you have no idea how happy I am!) I need to get a few more of these solid lotions in different scents. 

So that's my latest Bumblesoaps haul(s). I can't wait until they re-open early next year because there's still quite a few things I want to try. Like the bath tea, lip balms, lip scrubs, whipped sugar scrubs. Too many things!

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