Azature Nail Polish: Sale Haul

Azature had an amazing sale back in December. They were selling their $25 nail lacquers for $6, but only for 36 hours. I couldn't pass up that deal. I reviewed their summer collection last year, and the creams were absolutely divine. All one coaters.

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Why is it called black diamond nail lacquer? There is a tiny black diamond in each nail polish bottle, just floating around. If you have a light color, you can sometimes see it. Sales gimmick or not, the lacquers really are amazing, so if you ever see a sale- take advantage of it! :) I picked up 4 colors during the $6 sale.

Light Lilac Diamond: another superb cream, a one coater. I used Seche Vite topcoat. I love how their creams are so pigmented.

Wine Diamond: I only needed two coats for this gorgeous deep magenta with silver, and pink micro glitters. This dries very gritty so you need a topcoat. I used Seche Vite. I love this color, it really sparkles in person.

Azature Blue: beautiful deep blue with blue, and silver micro glitter. Thsi is another one coater! This color also dries gritty, so make sure to use a topcoat. I used Seche Vite. (I haven't worn it long enough yet to tell you if it stains, but when I do, I will update this post with my results).

Azature Black: I admit I'm disappointed with this color. It was not opaque like all their other colors. It's a very very sheer black jelly with silver glitter, so sheer I didn't even attempt to see how many layers it would take to become semi opaque. Instead, I layered this over Zoya Willa. It's still a pretty color, reminds me of stars in the galaxy.

You can also read my review on the Azature Summer 2014 collection, here. 

Azature Nail Color retails for $25.00, and can be purchased on:, or

About Azature Nail Lacquer: Our luxurious nail color is free of Formaldehyde, Toulene, and Dibutyl Phthalate. No Animal Testing. Our polish is Vegan. 

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